Season of KDE 2021

Published: Jan 12, 2021 by Anjani Kumar

Hello people! I’m Anjani, an IT student from India. I’ve been contributing to KDE since last year. Thanks to the KDE community to have an engaging program like SoK. I got to know about this last year but couldn’t participate. Now I’m here.

I’ll be working under the mentorship of Han Young on implementing a D-Bus daemon that will fetch/provide weather data using KWeatherCore to KWeather as well as other applications on Plasma mobile who would like to have weather data for some purpose.

Weather service is a core component of modern mobile platforms. Needless to say that I’m very excited but also grateful to work on such a key-component and make the Plasma Mobile platform more awesome.

Nikunj Goyal is also going to work on the weather alert system. I look forward to collaborating with him and having a good time.

I will be posting the progress of the project here as we go along. Thanks for reading! :)

kde SoK